Vanguard Skills

Bounty Hunter Powertechs have many different skills that they can use for tanking and for DPS. I will be listing all of the skills available and discribe what each of these skills do.

Vanguard / Trooper Skills

  Armor Proficiency: Heavy       Able to equip heavy combat armor.
  Armor Proficiency: Medium       Able to equip medium-weight armor.
  Explosive Round 3 AP 30m   Fires a heavy round that deals (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.12 + SpellPower * 1.33) - (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.126 + SpellPower * 1.23) kinetic damage to the primary target and (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.015 + SpellPower * 0.17) - (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.019 + SpellPower * 0.17) kinetic damage to up to 3 targets within 5 meters. If the primary target is a weak or standard enemy, it is knocked to the ground.
  Fortification   30m 6 secs Increases the target's Endurance by 5% for 60 minutes. If the target is a party member, all other party members are also affected.
  Hammer Shot   30m   Fires a series of hammering shots that deals weapon damage to the target.
  Holoconference     0.5 secs Establish a holoconference with your groupmates. Can only be used when one of your groupmate has initiated a conversation you are eligible to join. Does not work in phases.
  Quick Travel       Takes you to a discovered bind point of your choosing. Not usable in combat.
  Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Rifle       Able to equip blaster rifles, carbines, and repeaters.
  Stockstrike 2 AP 4m 9 secs Strikes the target with the butt of the rifle, dealing (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.17 + SpellPower * 1.82) - (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.194 + SpellPower * 1.82) kinetic damage.
  Full Auto 2 AP 30m 15 secs Fires a continuous stream of bolts that deals (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.105 + WeaponDamage * 1.05) weapon damage every second. Weak and standard enemies caught in the blaster fire are stunned for the duration.
  Plasma Cell       Loads your rifle with a plasma powercell, giving all of your rifle attacks a 10% chance to deal ((LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.034 + SpellPower * 0.34) * 3) additional elemental damage over 6 seconds. Only one cell can be active at a time.
  Sticky Grenade 2 AP 30m 15 secs Throws a sticky grenade that will detonate after several seconds. Standard and weak enemies enter a state of panic when the grenade is active. The explosion deals (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.141 + SpellPower * 1.61) - (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.181 + SpellPower * 1.61) kinetic damage when it detonates. Standard and weak targets are knocked back from the blast.
  High Impact Bolt 2 AP 30m 15 secs Fires a very powerful round at the target, dealing (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.19 + WeaponDamage * 1.9) weapon damage. Only usable against incapacitated targets and targets suffering from periodic damage.
  Pulse Cannon 3 AP   18 secs Sprays waves of ionizing energy at targets in a 10-meter cone, dealing ((LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.096 + SpellPower * 0.96) * 3) elemental damage over the duration.
  Tenacity     120 secs Removes all incapacitating and movement-impairing effects.
  Mortar Volley 3 AP 30m 60 secs Launches a volley of mortar shells at the target area, dealing ((LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.128 + SpellPower * 1.58) * 4) - ((LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.188 + SpellPower * 1.58) * 4) kinetic damage to up to 5 targets within 8 meters over the duration. Standard and weak targets are knocked down by the blasts.
  Cryo Grenade 1 AP 30m 60 secs Hurls a cryo grenade that freezes the target, stunning it for 4 seconds.
  Reactive Shield     120 secs Reduces all damage taken by X% for 12 seconds.
  Sprint       Increase movement speed by 35% while not in combat.
  No Retreat     1200 secs Finishes the cooldown on Cryo Grenade and restores 2% of maximum health to you and your companion every 3 seconds. Requires an active companion. Usable while in combat. Lasts 1 minute.
  Speeder Piloting       Able to ride speeder bikes.
  Adrenaline Rush     180 secs Restores 15% of maximum health over 10 seconds.
  Blitz   4m 45 secs Bashes the target, dealing (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.315 + SpellPower * 3.25) - (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.335 + SpellPower * 3.25) kinetic damage to weak and standard targets or (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.224 + SpellPower * 2.34) - (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.244 + SpellPower * 2.34) kinetic damage to strong targets. Only usable on incapacitated targets.
  Stealth Scan   30m 20 secs Fires off probes that scan the area for stealthed opponents. The probes last for 10 seconds.
  Reserve Powercell     120 secs Your next ability's energy cell cost is reduced by 100%. Effect lasts 15 seconds.
  Energy Blast   10m 15 secs Fires a shot that deals (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.093 + SpellPower * 1.13) - (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.133 + SpellPower * 1.13) elemental damage and generates 1 energy cell.
  Fire Pulse 1 AP 10m 15 secs Emits a fiery pulse wave, dealing (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.129 + SpellPower * 1.59) - (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.189 + SpellPower * 1.59) elemental damage to the target.
  Gut 2 AP 4m   Guts the target with a knuckle-plate vibroblade, dealing (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.077 + SpellPower * 0.97) - (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.117 + SpellPower * 0.97) kinetic damage and causing the target to bleed for ((LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.0234 + SpellPower * 0.234) * 5) internal damage over 15 seconds.
  Hold the Line     30 secs Grants 8 seconds of immunity from all movement-impairing effects, knockdowns and physics and increases movement speed by 30%.
  Smoke Grenade     60 secs Throws a smoke grenade at your feet that releases a large cloud of smoke, causing nearby enemies to have their accuracy with ranged and melee attacks lowered by 20% for 18 seconds.
  Storm   30m 15 secs Storms up to a distant target, dealing (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.114 + SpellPower * 1.14) kinetic damage, interrupting the target's current action and immobilizing the target for 3 seconds. Cannot be used against targets in cover.
  Armor Proficiency: Shield Generator       Able to equip a personal shield generator in your off-hand.
  Ion Pulse 2 AP 10m   Fires an ion pulse at the target, dealing (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.086 + SpellPower * 1.07) - (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.126 + SpellPower * 1.07) elemental damage.
  Guard   30m   Guards the target while it remains within 15 meters. While active, the target takes 5% less damage and generates 25% less threat. In addition, 50% of all incoming damage from enemy players is transferred back to you. Requires Ion Cell.
  Ion Cell       Shocks the target at long range, taunting it to attack. Player targets deal 30% less damage when attacking anyone other than you. Effect lasts 6 seconds.
  Neural Jolt   30m 15 secs Shocks the target at long range, taunting it to attack. Player targets deal 30% less damage when attacking anyone other than you. Effect lasts 6 seconds.
  Riot Strike 1 AP 4m 8 secs Interrupts the target's current action and prevents that ability from being used for the next 4 seconds.
  High Energy Cell       Loads your rifle with a high-energy powercell. While active, all internal and elemental damage dealt is increased by X%. Only one cell can be active at a time.
  Harpoon   30m 45 secs Fires a harpoon line that pulls the target to your location and generates a high amount of threat. Cannot be used on targets in cover.
  Explosive Surge 3 AP     Emits an explosive surge, dealing (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.051 + SpellPower * 0.71) - (LvlRankDmgAmnt * 0.091 + SpellPower * 0.71) elemental damage to up to 5 enemies within 5 meters.
  Sonic Round   30m 45 secs Fires a sonic round that taunts your target and all nearby targets to attack for 6 seconds. Enemy players have their damage reduced for 6 seconds unless they attack you.
  Neural Surge 1 AP   45 secs Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 meters for 2.5 seconds.
  Battle Focus     120 secs Increases ranged and tech critical hit chance by 25% for 15 seconds.



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